La French Tech Manila is a non profit organisation gathering French speaking entrepreneurs and employees working in the Philippines in the tech industry. La French Tech encompasses all start-ups, from embryonic firms to growing start-ups with several hundred employees and their sights set on the international market. As it is the case all over the world, digital technology is a major catalyst for its development, and La French Tech Manila aims to be a facilitator for this ecosystem by several means, which constitutes our mission.

To know more about La French Tech in France and in the world, check out our global website.


  • Support French Tech startups interested in investing or growing their business in the Philippines
  • Provide visibility to Philippines startups founded by French / francophone / francophile entrepreneurs
  • Reference public and private initiatives and organisations who support French startups expanding in the Philippines
  • Be the entry point for Philippines’ investors, companies and engineers willing to invest or work in France
  • Contributing to build France as a “Startup Nation”


  1. Community. We strive to build a community of start-ups that has a positive impact on its members. As much as possible, we give without expecting anything in return.
  2. Inclusion. We are truly open to anyone, whatever nationality, socio-economic origin, ethnic group, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We encourage diversity and make sure everyone feels welcome.
  3. Independence. We are a collective organized independently. We never speak and act on behalf of the French Tech Mission or the French government without having been expressly authorized to do so.
  4. Integrity. It is important that our partners / sponsors do not have a right of scrutiny over our publications nor a right of veto over our community.
  5. Honesty. We are honest in our activities. We transparently disclose anything that could lead to a conflict of real or potential interest.
  6. Protection of personal data. We respect the privacy of members of our community and we protect their personal data or any sensitive information which could be communicated to us under the seal of secrecy.
  7. Start-ups first. As in all other ecosystems, to have results, you need to have a focus. At La French Tech, we place start-ups first.
  8. Unity. We recognize that we are all part of the same team, united around the same objectives. We remain constructive in the opinions that we overlook and communicate directly to others.


At La French Tech Manila, everything we do is inclusive, collaborative and result from individuals contributions from members of our network. We welcome any type of initiative that would benefit our ecosystem. It always starts by sending us a message.

Become part of the team

La French Tech Manila is now a recognized French Tech community. With this recognition come more responsibilities to fulfill and hence more opportunities to play an active role in growing our organization. No need to be a tech genius, we are simply looking for people with a strong interest in our mission and a willingness to take things on and make them happen. If you are a good fit, we’ll find a way to match your expectations with our current projects.

Become a partner

If you are a public or private organization willing to support our initiative, we are more than happy to hear from you. Depending on what you would like to offer and what you aim to achieve, we ‘ll work out something that works for you and us. Like everything we do at La French Tech, we co-create and improve along the way.