The list of 40 French star performers making up the Next40 was unveiled on 18 September 2019. The Government fully intends to be a partner in furthering the international growth of our startups.

Along the same lines as the “Cac40” share index, the Next40 groups together the 40 most promising French startups, 40 French corporate prodigies with high prospects of becoming global tech leaders. The median growth rate in the revenues of the businesses listed on the Next40 over the last three years is 158%.

These businesses have been selected on the basis of economic performance criteria. They are either unicorns (startups unlisted on the stock exchange valued at USD 1bn or more) or businesses having raised more than EUR 100m in capital over the past three years.

The other startups have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • the highest fundraising totals over the last three years;
  • revenues of more than EUR 5bn over the last financial year, with average annual growth of at least 30% over the last three financial years.

Why a Next40? For the Government, this is a driver for raising the international profile of these businesses and enabling them to grow more quickly. Listed businesses benefit from support on the part of the public authorities, promotional efforts at international level and support with media operations. They are also entitled to dedicated services (including for procedures with the Organisation for the Payment of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions/Urssaf, Data Protection Authority/CNIL, National Industrial Property Institute/INPI and Customs) as well as support from correspondents across myriad public services and government departments in France.
 “La French Tech is one of the most dynamic startup ecosystems in the world. France provides an ideal environment for innovative businesses to thrive. Our challenge now is to strengthen this momentum so as to bring about several dozen tech leaders on the world stage.”Cédric O, Minister of State for the Digital Sector


Founded in 2013, La French Tech’s aim is to cement France’s vision of the digital ecosystem by helping French startups to emerge on the scene. This strategy spells a tremendous opportunity in terms of jobs.

More than 25,000 direct jobs are expected to be created over the next 12 months. In terms of jobs, over the next 12 months Next40 businesses represent:

  • + 30% growth in employee numbers
  • 7,000 net direct jobs created

Digital technology is one of the priority sectors (along with energy, industry, agriculture and agri-food) of the 2025 Productivity Pact for Full Employment, in a bid to cater to the recruitment needs of French startups.